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Primo Pro White Stoneware Clay with Grog (W2502)-10kg bag

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University of Auckland Staff & Students Only
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Product Overview

Primo Pro W2502 White Stoneware Clay with Grog is a stoneware body. It is suitable for plastic forming methods.

Sold as a 10kg bag.

Chamotte proportion: 25 %. Chamotte grain - size: 0 - 0.2 mm

Firing Colour:  Cream

Recommended Firing Temperature Range: 1000 - 1280 ºC

Technical Data:

  • Wet to Dry Shrinkage 6.3%
  • Dry to Fired Shrinkage [%] 5.1


If you are uncertain if this is the correct product you want, please discuss with technician or view before purchasing.

Collection is from Casting Workshop, Level 1, 20 Whitaker Place (Mondrian building)





(No reviews yet) Write a Review